Do you know what ON-DEMAND means?

On-Demand is an innovative sustainable production system in which every bikini is specially made for the customer who ordered it.


No Inventory Excess = Almost 0% Waste = No Deadstock

No Inventory Excess
Almost 0% Waste
No Deadstock

According to the Australian Circular Textile Association (ACTA), around 30 % of all clothes made around the world are never sold.
Eventually they have to be burnt or thrown away, creating a serious environmental issue.

That’s why when we drop some pieces you love, they may take longer to be made.

Because they are being specially made JUST FOR YOU.

What are we working on?

Right now, we are working on improving and expanding our production facility, employing a big number of mothers heads of  households, thus reducing the lead time.

PLUS: 50% of our bikinis are made from fabrics developed from recycled raw materials.