If you are a Swimwear Lover and you have great social media presence, OneOne AffilIates Program is just for you!

How it works?

Create an account and get your personalised code with 15% off to share.

For every person who buys with your code, you'll get 10% of the purchase!

Step by step

1. Register in the form below.
2. Find the confirmation email & create your Social Snowball account.
3. Manage your payout settings. (PayPal and Zelle)
4. Get your link and start sharing it and earning!


As affiliate, you will get your 10% commission only for the first purchase of each customer.
OneOne is free to cancel your affiliate account at any point if the you are not using the code in a correct way or for any reason OneOne considers valid.
You are free to promote your code in any way you want. You can use your Social Media, Blog or Website.
Contact the email juanfjaramillo@oneoneswimwear.com if you have any doubts or special requests.